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    We offer a variety of web development services for your website. Depending on your needs, we can customize the source code of your website, we can modify / improve existing solutions or we can assist in the integration of commercial applications which best fit the scope of your project .

    The site’s design and functions should be taken into consideration when developing a website. The website’s design is what you see, the way in which the site is presented. The site’s functions represent what "makes" a website. Our programming skills focus on developing the site and its features.

    Here are some examples of functions that we used in coding sites:

    Creating web forms that meet simple functions such as sending e-mails and more complex web forms such as uploading files to a website, calculating formulas and / or making online payments

    • Developing member registration systems to allow users to connect to the website in order to have access to data

    • Building an online store to sell products online

    • Code optimization so that your website would appear on top positions in search engines (SEO)

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